It sucks…

To give everything to someone and not get anything in return. When you pour out your heart and soul to them because you know they have the same feelings as you would. But it’s not always that way. You pour your heart out to them, but then in the end you just get beaten down. Crushed. Broken hearted. After all the times you guys went through together. All gone. Feels like it was just a waste of time. Of your time. They tell you all this stuff to you. As if you’re the most important person in the world to them. Of course, you will believe them. Then when saying those 3 words to each other, you know that everything is gonna be alright. Nothing will tear you guys apart. Because of the love. But what is love any way when only one person feels the same way. You give them your all because you love them. How is that possible when you can’t gain anything back from them? The one person you thought you knew before has changed. It sucks. You try and try, but you just can’t get things how they used to be.

It sucks knowing that they know you inside and out. The secrets and stories you shared with them. They know everything about you. You know everything about them. Well, at least you thought you did. The one person you can rely on, talk to, go to for help. Anything. Is now changed and the feeling just feels dead. Like your just another person in the crowd.

It sucks when you don’t know them anymore.