When I’m suppose I be excited, I’m not. How things get complicated at the end now.

This is a huge push I’m putting against myself right now, but I need to do it. For me… Even though it hurts like fuck..


I really want my own room so I can be alone, arrange how I want things to be in it, clean it, make a mess without people saying anything, put things up on the wall, blast music without anyone saying to turn it off, lock my door, have my own and big closet, actually have room for my stuff watch tv when I want and other things.

Geez. I miss having my own room.

Worst dream….

I don’t know if it’s real though.. Everything seems very fishy in real life though…. Hmmmmmmm….

Needed to clean up my make-up kit. Decided to show you guys how much I have. I don’t even think it’s a lot. I bet other people have more than I do -___- But this is all my make-up. I want more. HAHA!